Dover Port Health Authority

Port Health Charges

The port health and food safety charges for 2023/24 are outlined below. These are reviewed annually, and increases are implemented from 01 April each financial year.

High Risk Food Not of Animal Origin

Common Health Entry Document (CHED D)


Plastic Kitchenware - China and Hong Kong Control Measures

Number of Analytical Reports

2023-2024 Charges (£)









Organic Import Controls

Certificate of inspection (COI)


IUU Products

Dover Port Health Authority uses a per consignment basis for its charges. 

No of Catch Certificates

Other 3rd Countries

(High Risk)


(Low Risk)

1 - 5 Certificates



6 - 10 Certificates



11 - 20 Certificates



21+ Certificates



Low Risk: The lower charges for the EU, EEA/EFTA countries and countries with a bilateral agreement reflects the lower risk status of those imports and the corresponding level of checks that will be required.

  • *EEA/EFTA Country: Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands
  • Countries with a bilateral agreement with the EU for IUU purposes: USA, Canada, New Zealand

High Risk: The following types of imports will be defined as high risk:

  • Fish caught by other third country fishing vessels.
  • Fish from EEA/EFTA/Bilateral countries that have been processed in a third country (indirect import) e.g., fish caught by a US fishing vessel and processed in a Vietnamese approved establishment. Therefore, fish that is caught by a vessel registered to an EU, EEA/EFTA or Bilateral country and subsequently processed in another third country loses its low-risk status and is charged at the higher rate.

Where multiple catch certificates are submitted for the same consignment which includes high and low risk country certificates, the higher risk charge will be applied.

POAO Products- Charges to be confirmed



Charge (£)

Identity, Physical Check and Sampling £140.00
Courier Cost varies depending on courier
Analyst Fees - assigned by laboratory Cost varies depending on test


Charge (£)

Non-Compliance Fee £141.00
Supervising Destruction/Re-export Fee £123.00
Formal Verification/Movement Control Notice £71.00


Charge (£)

Late Notification Fee £95.00
Admin Fee: Inputting Organic Import onto PHILIS DES £16.00
Admin fee



Dover Port Health Authority operates between the core hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Ship Sanitation Inspections can be arranged during these hours.

Please contact our office to arrange an inspection. Please call us on 01304 872216 or email porthealth@dover.gov.uk.

Gross Tonnage of vessel

Charges (2023/24) (£)

Up to 1,000


1,001 to 3,000


3,001 to 10,000


10,001 to 20,000


20,001 to 30,000


Over 30,000


Vessels with the capacity to carry between 50 and 1,000 persons


Vessels with the capacity to carry more than 1,000 persons


Extension of a Ship Sanitation Certificate


 Referral Inspection £117.00


New rate (2022/23) (£)

First Sample

£140 first sample. Each further sample charged in accordance with lab fees

Additional Samples - Bacteriological

Each Further sample charge in accordance with lab fees

Additional Samples - Legionella

Each Further sample charge in accordance with lab fees

Chemical Samples

Each Further sample charge in accordance with lab fees


New rate (2022/23) (£)

Not exceeding 1 metric tonne


Exceeding 1 metric tonne


All Products

Charges (2023/24) (£)

Hourly Rate


Postage of Returned Documents




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